We are proud to announce EnergyPeer’s Service Partner Early Access Program – a dedicated effort to put service providers in a position to succeed within the EnergyPeer ecosystem. As an early access service partner, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Dedicated support throughout the onboarding process
  • Help establish your virtual storefront
  • Unique co-marketing opportunities

Begin your application today by completing the Early Access Application.

Onboarding roadmap for early access Service Partners

Our onboarding program has two key goals: (1) To help service partners establish a successful virtual storefront and (2) to Stock the EnergyPeer shelves with the best services that the industry has to offer. Our onboarding process will focus mainly on the first goal, to establish your business’s storefront on EnergyPeer. Let’s cover the onboarding roadmap in more detail.

EnergyPeer Early Access Roadmap
  • Application – The first step in the early access program is to apply for admission. The questions in the application form and designed to help us understand if your business is a good fit for the EnergyPeer Marketplace. Here are some of the key things we will focus on when reviewing your application:
    • Is your business based in the United States? EnergyPeer currently restricts services to entities that are legally based in the United States. Businesses based outside of the United States will be automatically rejected.
    • Are your services relevant to the energy industry? EnergyPeer is dedicated to validating and hosting virtual storefronts for businesses that service the oil, gas, wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and mining industries. Businesses that do not fit this description will be automatically rejected.
    • Does your business have a proven track record of delivering quality services? At EnergyPeer we reserve the right to reject businesses that we consider to be scams or pure “snake oil”. The only exception to this rule would be startups that have not reached critical mass in terms of products/services sold. Startups will be vetted in more detail to protect the interest of our service seekers and the integrity of the platform.

You can begin your application today by completing the Early Access Application.

  • Whitelisted – After a careful review of your application, you will receive an email to confirm your acceptance to the program. Those businesses who are accepted will be added to our early access “whitelist”. Once on the whitelist, your business will have access to all the early access partner benefits. We will be in touch within 3-5 business days to schedule a zoom call with your team.
  • Virtual Storefront – Here is when things get really exciting! During this step of the early access roadmap, our team will support you as you access EnergyPeer to build your virtual storefront. We recommend that you prepare some basic content for as many of your services as possible – after all, the more services you list, the higher the chances of catching your potential customer’s eye.
Example storefront created by EnergyPeer Representative
  • Co-Marketing – Once you complete your initial storefront build, we will add you to our co-marketing campaign. We are currently working on partnering with media and advertising companies, to bring unique marketing opportunities to our early access service partners. More information on this soon!
  • Launch Prep – On launch day, we will be welcoming service seekers to our platform for the first time! Let’s cover the following checklist to ensure that you are ready to go:
    • Designate 1-2 stakeholders, within your team, to monitor any leads or messages that may come your way.
    • Quickly review each of your service listings – a little spellcheck never hurt anyone.
    • Give our documentation a quick review to ensure that you understand the lead generation workflow.
    • Make sure that you have a valid billing account so that EnergyPeer does not auto-block leads.

If you have any questions or concerns about the early access program, please contact us at helpdesk@energypeer.us

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